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Photos from the MAVO2021 "Time to Grow" Online Conference



“Dearest Val, you are an exceptional host and party supplier! What an extravaganza! You just kept giving, and giving and giving and we are sooo full of an astoundingly delicious meal! A 5 Michelin Star Event for all to savour!!!

Champagne, appetizers, soup, salad, pasta, meat, fish, chicken, choice of wines, vegan and vegetarian choices, sorbet, dessert, coffee, tea and an enormous sweet table AND party favours!!!! Sooo many flavours to tickle the senses, soooo yummy! What you feed, grows Bigger! I am overflowing with inspiration and the connectiveness of ‘the human spirit ON FIRE!’ Cooking it up with such class and ‘joie de vivre’, the Hostess with the Mostest and chef extraordinaire!

What a celebration, a sheer delight, a Magical Meal at the BEST VO Table of it’s Class!!! BRAVO to the Mistressmind, chef, host and grand talent behind MAVO 2021!!!”

-Elley Ray - Guest Speaker/Coach - MAVO2021

MAVO 2021 was incredibly interesting, informative and diversified.  The speaker line up was both supportive to the clients and incredibly informative in the creative information shared. Informative tips, tricks, lessons, coaching and support were offered to all participants.  Everything from legal, editing, equipment and practice sessions with coaches, that have made a living in this Voiceover Industry for decades, was offered to all attendees.  It was a truly professional and greatly organized event.  An event that I was very proud to participate as a speaker and coach.  This is an excellent event for clients that are just starting in the industry, and advanced clients that are wanting to make an extra push to boost their skills and increase their booking rates.  I highly recommend MAVO, a superb opportunity for any Voiceover talent to meet agents, coaches and industry professionals that will encourage and inform them.  Looking forward to MAVO 2022.  A great opportunity for all, don’t miss it!

- Melody Jones - Guest Speaker MAVO2021, Coach

Dear Val,


Super impressed with the quality of people you brought together. Your excellent organization of the event. Your masterful marketing and hosting. 


It was a pleasure to get to know you and the MAVO community and to learn as well as teach. We are so fortunate to be a part of this rich VO family of friends, colleagues, mentors, inspirers, and students all. 


It’s the perfect size conference for people to get to know each other which is one of the best takeaways that one can get— relationships that last well into the future. 


Now go get some rest, take a vacation and pamper yourself!!!



Debbie Irwin - Guest Speaker - MAVO2021 

What Val Kelly has created with MAVO is a sight to behold. She has effortlessly curated an event that runs that gamut of all aspects of VO with experts from all over the world who share their knowledge and build a community of voiceover artists who take action and level up. And the best part about the entire weekend is that it was so much fun! 

-Jonathan Tilley - Guest Speaker - MAVO2021

"I am so glad that Val Kelly asked me to be a part of MAVO 2021 and allowing me the opportunity to give back to the voice over community that I so love.  I had a wonderful experience presenting a general and breakout session, and serving on a panel at the conference.  I can't wait until this conference is in person again next year so I can have the opportunity to meet all of those who I don't already know.  Thank you Val!"

- Robert Sciglimpaglia - Guest Speaker/Coach - MAVO2021 

This was not only my first MAVO conference, but my first conference in general, so to say I was apprehensive was an understatement. However everyone at MAVO was so friendly right away, I was treated as an equal right away even though I was very new to VO as a whole. I felt immediately accepted as a new part of the community, and everyone being so friendly and welcoming helped me enjoy every day of the conference. Thank you MAVO for giving me such a wonderful opportunity and you can count on seeing me at future events.

A fantastic way to network, learn, and obtain tools for building your business and artistry!

The MAVO 2022 conference was absolutely fantastic! Val Kelly does such a terrific job putting together these conferences. The variety of content covered is vast and incredibly helpful in advancing my career. Not only that, but it has actually helped me in my personal life as well! Some of the information I have learned is truly life altering. I highly recommend this conference and so thankful I got to participate.

The MAVO conference always delivers! I have Learned so much from each conference. Great people, great pros and great fun! I have attended 3 and I’m looking forward to my fourth!

MAVO is a conference where you will get to know almost everyone who's that intimate. That is the beauty of the entire conference. The intimacy make it easy to open yourself up....for learning...for getting to know people and for letting people get to know you. Thank you for all you do Val to enhance our careers!

I liked that I saw so many people of all age ranges. You truly had full representation under the tent.

I started attending at the 2018 MAVO and this year's rivaled how great that one was! The sessions covered everything from mindfulness to demo reviews to coaching in different genres. I'm already looking forward to 2022! So much positive energy from this event!

When I leave MAVO, I’m exhausted. I learn so much from such a wide variety of pros and I leave having made a bunch of new friends in the community. Everyone involved is just so friendly, welcoming, and down to earth. I can’t wait for the next one!

The MAVO conference is an awesome conference! It brings voice actors who have different levels of experience and varying specialties in a very intimate and supportive setting.The speakers were all experts in the fields and were extremely engaging and giving. I definitely plan to attend again!

MAVO2021 into MAVO2022...THE place to go for career direction in VO!

Whatever stage of voice over career you are at, MAVO 2021 had something for everybody. At at the end of the conference I had a notebook full of gems and insights about most aspects of the voice over industry. Wonderful learning experience; hats off to Val and her team.

I have attended all but the first MAVO, and whether they have been in person or on-line; Val and team find a way to make them fun, connected, thought- provoking, informative, beneficial and motivating to not only your career, but to your life.

This was my second voiceover conference this year (virtual) due to the pandemic, and I'm still pleased. The talent list of speakers was nothing but the best, and each session was very personal to each VO actor that participated. Yeah, you can watch YouTube and follow along, but it's nothing like hands-on and being directed by a professional.


If I can say anything, give any advice to someone in Voiceover, Mid Atlantic Voiceover 2022 is where you want to be! I'm already packing for (MAVO2022); let's grind and learn together!

Testimonials from Mini MAVO2020 and Before!!

Loved MAVO2020!! Val and everyone did an amazing job bringing the event to all our little screens. Really looking forward to next year.

-Michael Kerns (Mini MAVO2020 attendee)

Thank you Val for such an amazing weekend at MAVO 2020! All the presenters generously shared their knowledge and insights in a variety of styles, making the conference inspiring and fun!

-Ivy Rose (Mini MAVO2020 attendee)

Loved what I could attend, and soooo grateful to the amazing Val for making what I missed (due to family tragedy) available to me afterward.

-Holly Adams (Mini MAVO2020 attendee)

I tend not to do too well with large online groups because believe it or not I do have a shy side of me that isn't apparent when meeting me in person.  I also wasn't sure what to expect given it was the first time I would be attending a voice over conference and a full 3-day conference online.  It was difficult to imagine how so many people would be accommodated and how there could be any real connection.  I was really impressed with both the level of presenters and how well organized Val was in the sequencing of them. The topics seemed to flow effortlessly and while I may not have resonated with all of them, there were pearls of wisdom to glean from each one.  It's been said before, and yet worth saying again, that the camaraderie and support that fellow vo actors give to each other is unlike any other facet of the entertainment industry.  Everyone was super supportive of one another as was evident in the chat room when anyone got up to read and in the connections that were made that continue now that MiniMavo is over.
What were your top 3 takeaways from the event? 1. Get over your fear of reading online and speak up sooner so you have a chance to read. 2. Attend the breakout sessions next time. 3. The world is still a beautiful place filled with lovely creative people.

-Cheryl Holling (Mini MAVO2020 Attendee)

I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for an awesome weekend. Not only were all the presenters stellar but I also learned so much from my fellow vo actors. 

It was interesting to find that I am further along than some I thought were more advanced than I was. It was a great confidence builder and certainly reflected your "Get Inspired" theme. The positive feedback I got from Jason and David;  when I went out of my comfort zone genre wise on the live workshops was so cool and something you can only get from a small scale conference like this. Also due the election etc. I have been very stressed out and Sunday Muse's presentation let me find some inner self and peace. It was awesome!!

Thanks again for everything, YOU ROCK

- Steve G

Valerie, you get better each year!  Seemed like everyone thoroughly enjoyed from MAVO2016 and (more importantly) will be able to utilize what they learned to grow their VO business.  Nice job! 

Hope you take a few days to relax after all you put into this.  No one knows how hard and how much time you put into these because your enthusiasm is amazing!  

 It is because of MAVO that me, and the other speakers, have the opportunity to help other voice actors.  Thank you again.
- David Goldberg
CEO (Chief Edge Officer)


 You did a fantastic job, Val! It was my pleasure to join your circle of acquaintances at MAVO2016. Just trying to figure out how I missed the group pic... :)

-Stuart Gauffi

"MAVO is the perfect micro-conference for those that want individualized attention and personal feedback. It's a great way to network without getting lost in the crowd."

- Sara Jane Sherman (MAVO2016 Keynote Speaker, MAVO2018 Guest Speaker)

MAVO offers you and your voice an entire world of possibilities for growth as a VO actor and finding work. It's ridiculously fun, inspiring and no matter where you're at, it will help you find your rightful place in this giant industry, which in my opinion, is huge. Val Kelly puts so much attention and love into these conferences. You will feel that from the day you arrive. 

- Sunday Muse (MAVO Keynote Speaker 2014, Guest Speaker, 2015, 2016, 2018)



Thank you so much for such an amazing conference.  So well put together, and so well run.  You might say it ran like clockwork.  Everything just moved right along; there didn’t seem to be any down-time.  (Maybe that’s why I’m so tired.  For that matter, you must be exhausted!)

I learned a lot, met a lot more people than last year and felt more at home… felt more like a veteran.  And, I must say that one of the highlights for me was the dinner Saturday night.  Being able to mix in with a really amazing bunch of people and chat and network with Herb and Leah and you was one of the most memorable aspects of the weekend.  It was a great opportunity to socialize and get to know people better.

Thanks again, Val, for putting this whole, huge endeavor together.  I hope you have the energy to do it all over again next year.  Same time, same place.

Hope to talk with you soon.

- Steve

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