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Our Vision:

Mid-Atlantic Voiceover, LLC strives to offer unique, interactive, educational & networking opportunities to voice actors in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. These events are offered in-person and/or online, depending on the situation.


There are many voice-over conferences that exist around the United States - but ours will always have a unique twist that sets it apart from the rest. MAVO is unique in that we keep the size of our conference on the smaller side on purpose. We want each attendee to have an experience where they get to work in a more hands-on setting with each guest speaker during the break-out and mastery sessions. Due to the smaller size of the event, we are able to control the size of our sessions so that they don't get overwhelming! There is usually very little or no line after a session to talk with a guest speaker and there are numerous occasions during the event where attendees can ask questions to the guest speakers. It's very much a family type atmosphere!


The main objective of our events is to help you to GET INSPIRED!! The performers and speakers for each event will be chosen due to their outstanding talents and capabilities to INSPIRE their audience! We hope that you will walk away from each event with new contacts/friends that share your love of voice-over; with new knowledge about this competitive field, and with strategies to help you towards continued success in this rapidly changing industry.


Val Kelly is the Owner/Founder, President/CEO/Executive Producer/Director of Mid Atlantic Voiceover, LLC.

Val is a Professional, bilingual-English/French voice

actress who specializes in talking toys, cartoons, children's

iPhone apps, videogames, radio/tv commercials etc. 

Val was introduced to VO in 1999 and has been actively booking work since 2011. She has trained with excellent coaches such as Sunday Muse, Elley Ray, Bob Bergen, Roy Yokelson, Everett Oliver; as well as Noelle Romano, Danielle Quisenberry, Sara Sherman, Kari Wahlgren, Andrea Romano, Kim Hurdon, Jamie B. Chambers, Marc Scott, Tom Dheere, Jonathan Tilley, Celia Siegel, Sandi Small (British accent coaching), and David Goldberg from "Edge" studio.

Some of her clients include "Hasbro toys", "Roam & Wander", "Hungry Howie's Pizza Place", "Mymoonah", "Theory Films", "Essence Cartoon". Val's voice is unique, engaging, child-like, high energy, friendly, versatile, fun! She puts 100% effort into all of her work!

Val is also the host of the "Live with Squacky" podcast. It's a unique, interview style show that dives into the worlds of voice acting and entertainment. Available on all platforms! Go check it out here!!

Questions? E-mail Val at

Sean Mahan - Primary Executive Assistant to Val Kelly -MAVO2022/MAVO2023/

Sean Mahan will be assisting Val in the production of this year's MAVO Conference. He is a versatile voice actor living in Virginia. He has a mature, smooth, engaging voice with a wide range of delivery styles. A natural storyteller and entertainer, Sean has lent his voice to several drama, narration and announcer projects. His strengths are commercials, e-learning, explainer videos, narration and dramatic performances.

Sean Mahan is a retired U.S. Army officer who has always used his voice to inform and entertain from an early age. What started as imitating cartoon characters and teachers in elementary school morphed into briefing senior generals, providing “voice of God” announcing for award ceremonies, and character voices for skits at military social events in the Army. Now he’s using this experience to bring life to new projects. Whether it’s straight e-Learning, voice acting for commercials, or some other need, you can count on his creativity and professionalism to quickly deliver the quality audio you need.

"Uncle" Roy Yokelson

Lead "Tech Guy"


For over 40 years Emmy Award winning sound designer, recording engineer, and producer/director “Uncle Roy” Yokelson has been helping the voiceover and music industries with education and technical support. If it has ANYTHING to do with audio, Antland Productions is the only company you’ll ever need.
Roy is a SAG-AFTRA approved audiobook director/producer.

Pat-Booth-201907 copy.jpg
Patrick Kirchner-
Lead Tech Assistant MAVO2023/MAVO2024

Many voice-seekers struggle to find a competent, dependable voice for their important projects. You produce high-quality work, and the voiceover you choose should reflect that.

Sound Attention is the source for all aspects of professional, reliable finished voiceover for media production.

2019 Voice Arts ® Awards nominee Patrick Kirchner’s resonant, personable, bass-baritone voice cuts through the noise and adds confidence, trust, and warmth to your words.

You want to work with Patrick because he is thoroughly attentive.

Patrick devoted thirty-one years to the United States Marine Corps – including a highlight tour as a TOPGUN instructor. As a result, your project is completed with precise attention to detail and is delivered correctly and on time.

Patrick was one of the winners of the MAVO Muse Award in 2023 for his Outstanding Contribution to the VO Community!

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