MAVO2021 Schedule & Session Descriptions

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MAVO2021 Schedule



***Just a few suggestions: If you are going to purchase breakout sessions, I would recommend deciding how many and try to spread them out over the 3 days if you can. Sunday's schedule has a lot of breakout sessions. Some of them overlap so just pay attention to the timing when you book them. Also, we will be recording the general and breakout sessions, as well as the panels. They will be available to attendees to re-watch for 30 days after the event is over. So if you have to miss a session, no worries, you can watch it later! Remember that all the general sessions, panels and special sessions are included with a general admission ticket. What's NOT included are breakout sessions, so you have to register for those separately, but will not have access to these until you purchase a general admission ticket. Also, I tried to build in a lot of short breaks. Most of the time we will leave the chat open so you can continue to network and hang out in between sessions if you choose. There is at least one day where the lunch break is short because I had scheduling restrictions - so just plan ahead for that!! ***


SPECIAL SESSION                                       Breakout Session

General Session                                         Break/Networking

Thursday, November 11, 2021


7:00-8:00pm ET - The Agents Panel - Starring Lau Lapides of "Lau Lapides Company", Andrea Beane and Angelina Bruno of "AB2 Talent". Attendees will have the opportunity to ask the agents on our panel any questions they have. This is going to be a great session as both agencies are very experienced in the industry and all of the agents are extremely knowledgeable.

8:15-9:15pm ET - Opening Remarks(Val Kelly) and Special Award Presentation

Friday, November 12, 2021

8-8:15am – Dave Walsh “TrueTell” Tip of the day (Pre-recorded)- For each of the three days of MAVO 2021, join celebrated voiceover coach and TrueTell Founder Dave Walsh as he shares brief but valuable VO and industry tips and inspirational thoughts to help you navigate the multitude of exciting programs and workshops at the conference!

8:15-8:30am – Networking

8:30-9:30am Jonathan Tilley – General Session - 

“How to build your brand on Instagram one day at a time”-

Instagram is a visual platform. Voice over artists work in an audio platform. So what do you do after you've posted that typical behind-the-mic pic that all VOs do? You're not a graphic designer, you're unsure of the tiny differences between Facebook and Instagram, and you have zero patience to deal with influencers with 3.5 million followers shoving make up products down your throat. Here's the thing. Instagram isn't just for trendy millennials. Instagram is for creatives! And that's what we are. But knowing just what to post and when can push your overthinking into overdrive. In this session, you'll learn how to build your authentic, one-of-a-kind brand on Instagram with daily, doable steps. From figuring out what your vibe is to what you will and won't post... from deciding what your brand colors are to creating simple testimonial graphics in Canva... from finally figuring out the difference between Feed, Stories, Reels, IGTV, and Lives to why you should only focus on 1 of those to get real results with your dream clients... you'll walk away from this session with all of your myths debunked, a fresh and sparkling new perspective, and a daily to do list so you can build your brand on Instagram 1 day at a time.

9:30-9:45am – Overlap/Break

9:45-10:45am Noemi Vox – General Session- 'Mindfulness Approach to: Life, Acting and the Voiceover Business. Helpful Tips'

This will be a holistic and empowering session on the importance of our mindset when approaching the topic of growth. Whether it is our business, our acting craft or anything and everything voiceover.  Noemi will discuss mindfulness and how helpful it can be to set us up for success daily. There will be exercises, helpful tips and tools you can use in your life and business as well as a treat at the end where we will listen to Noemi’s empowering meditation. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments before or after the session via Instagram at Noemivox, Twitter @VoxNoe and her website

10:45-11:00am – Overlap/Break

11:00am-12:00pmJ. Michael Collins – General Session“Fire and Brimstone! Political Voiceover Technique with J. Michael Collins”:

In this action-packed session JMC will teach you the 5 core delivery techniques for political commercial VO, as well as tricks and tips to get you engaged in everything from candidate image spots to the most vicious attack ads that we all know Whatever....people will PAY YOU FOR IT, so learn from JMC how to stick it to the other team and make money doing it!

12:00pm-1:00pm – Lunch Break

1:00pm -2:00pm

Nic Redman and Leah Marks General Session

“The ins and outs of podcasting success.” - Podcasting is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and voiceovers are uniquely placed to embrace it as a way of boosting our careers. But how? Where to start? And if you have a podcast already, how do you make it a triumphant success? The multi-award nominated Voiceover Social is widely recognized as the UK’s most popular VO podcast, and the experienced voiceovers behind it; Leah Marks and Nic Redman, are coming to MAVO to help you work out how to create a concept that suits not just you as a VO, but also your skillset as a person. They’ll provide clear, practical, actionable advice on how to produce it, launch it, market it, and even monetize it. Find out why everyone is describing them as “not boring” at

2:00pm-3:30 Bev StandingBreakout Session-

Improving your online casting process. How to improve your speed from start to finish providing reads with little direction - WHAAAT?

3:15pm-3:30pm – Overlap/Break/Networking

3:30pm-5:30pmMelody JonesBreakout sessionCommercial workout session (2 hours): In this Breakout session, I will work with talent individually to understand everything from Straight reads (Announcer) to Character reads.  My goal is to analyze the copy, create a character that comes to life, that embodies the tone of the copy, so that you BOOK the GIG!  How to approach Automobile copy.  How to read Prescription drug copy.  Reading "Sales"  without selling!!! Come play with me and I will give you instruction and tips that will advance your understanding of copy so that you can feel more confident in approaching copy in your wheelhouse, and out of it!!

3:30pm-4:30pm – Sean Pratt – General Session

“Why do non-fiction audiobooks?”

In this session, Sean will talk about why non-fiction audiobooks are hard to narrate and why you should do them! First of all, they are 1/3 of audiobook work. Sean will discuss the challenges, how to hunt down work and how doing this type of audiobook opens up the possibility to do e-learning and corporate work as well.

5:30pm – 6:30pm Dinner Break/Networking

6:30pm – 7:30pm – Elley RayGeneral Session  - ALCHEMICAL TRANSFORMATIONHow to Sprout and then Blossom the vocal instrument with unique Vocal exercises using water, pencils, kleenex, corks, the lips, joy, the teeth, the breath, the tongue, Love, the hard and soft palette, the diaphragm, the brain, PLAY and a little bit of MAGIC. I will also give out 3 podcasts, to have reference to work with at home. Grow your instrument and swell your possibilities!

7:30pm-8:30pm –

Jamie B. ChambersGeneral Session -

On-screen experience versus voice acting (how the two compare/overlap) (Time to Grow) - How working as both a screen actor and voice artist compare and differ in the modern age of entertainment.

9:00pm – 11:00pm MAVO Social Event - Radio Drama Play Performance - Hosted by Uncle Roy Yokelson and Holly Adams.

MAVO2021 Schedule

Saturday, November 13, 2021


SPECIAL SESSION               Breakout Session              Panel

General Session                 Break/Networking


8:00am-8:15am – Dave Walsh“TrueTell” Tip of the day(**Pre-recorded)

8:15am-8:30am – Networking                                                                               

8:30am-9:30am – Dian PerryGeneral Session“Narrating from the Inside Out—Balancing Mind, Body and Voice for Intuitive and Connected Reads”

What goes on inside a great narrator to make them great? What happens in their mind, body and voice, and how do they juggle it all? This session will point to the answers and show you how to create and deliver more intuitive voiceover performances. Long-form narration can be an almost meditative experience IF you can learn to clear mental clutter, stay connected to yourself and the listener, and keep your focus on expression rather than the words and what your analytical mind says you should do with them.

9:30am-10:30am- Ask the Pros Panel: Bev Standing, Jamie B. Chambers, Dian Perry, Carol Monda, Debbie Irwin, Melody Jones, Jonathan Tilley, Rob Sciglimpaglia, Noemi Vox, Elley Ray, Mark A. Neely, David Cui Cui

10:30am – 10:45am – Break/Overlap

10:45am-11:45am – Robert Sciglimpaglia – General Session - SEIZE THE POWER AND TAKE CONTROL OVER YOUR OWN CAREER.  Do you ever feel like you have no control over where you career is headed?  Do you ever feel like you “go with the flow” by following leads from the pay-to-plays, or the leads your agents send you; the same leads hundreds or maybe even thousands of other talent are chasing at the same time?  Do you wish you had a better handle on the business and legal issues surrounding the voice over/entertainment business so you have the knowledge to create your own leads?  If so, then this is the session for you!  Robert Sciglimpaglia Jr, attorney, producer and voice over/acting talent will explain the structure of the voice over business, including some of the legal issues, so you will know where to go to create your own voice over, and related entertainment opportunities.

11:45am-12:00pm – Break/Overlap

12:00pm-1:30pm – Live Demo Review with CESD Agent Pat Brady and J. Michael Collins: In this 90-minute session, JMC and Pat Brady, one of LA's most powerful agents, will listen to and review 10 pre-selected demos LIVE from MAVO attendees. Hear the thoughts of these two leading experts as they help you learn what your reel needs to sound like to attract positive attention at the highest level of representation. Send demos to with the subject line MAVO DEMO for consideration for review. Everyone, both new talent and experienced pros, are encouraged to submit!

1:30pm-2:00pm – FAST Lunch break!!!

2:00pm-3:00pm – KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Jennifer Hale - “Time to Grow”

3:00pm-3:15pm – Break/Overlap

3:15pm-4:45pm – Jamie B. ChambersBreakout Session - Accents, Dialects and practical approaches with character studies - A hands on look at accents, character voices and how voice positioning can assist in developing characters.

3:15pm – 4:45pm – Carol Monda – Breakout Session - Promos - they can be active, quiet, slow, exciting, sad, angry and everything in between. But they almost all have drama. Let’s take a deeper dive into this genre that rides the fence between narration and commercial VO. We’ll discuss the formatting, timing, texts and types of promo, and you’ll get to try your hand, er, voice at voicing them.

4:45pm – 5:00pm – Overlap/Break

5:00pm-6:00pm – Animation/Videogame panel: Jennifer Hale, Pat Fraley, Anthony Sardinha, Jason Linere White, Elley Ray, Brandon Winckler, Everett Oliver 

6:00pm – 7:00pm – Dinner Break

7:00pm -8:00pm – Debbie IrwinGeneral Session - 

Non-Broadcast Narration: Don’t Get Lost at Sea”

At first you don’t know where to start, maybe you have a demo, maybe you don’t… then you become overwhelmed with the possibilities of what kind of work opportunities there are and where you can find them. To help you gain your sea legs, we’ll take a bird’s eye view of the big picture, so you understand the context of the industry, then drill down into specific areas that could be a good fit for you and your talents. Chart a course, stay the course and reinforce those pathways so that you build a clear course to success.

8:00pm-9:00pm – Brandon WincklerGeneral Session -

"All About Timing" - Navigating the Field of ADR and Video Game VO" -

This discussion will dive deep into the current climate of dubbing in international cartoons, anime, and video games. As a voiceover talent, being proficient in these skills is more important than ever, as demand is higher than ever! From ADR and Rhythmaband, to timing on sight, learn the ins and outs of these niche but skill-driven sides of the industry.

9:00pm – 11:00pm MAVO Social -Hosted by Paul Stefano of "The VO Meter Podcast" and Patrick Kirchner!

MAVO2021 Schedule

Sunday, November 14, 2021


SPECIAL SESSION               Breakout Session              Panel

General Session                 Break/Networking


8:00am-8:15am – Dave Walsh “TrueTell” Tip of the day! **PRE-RECORDED**

8:15am- 8:30am – Break/Networking

8:30am-10:00am- Jonathan TilleyBreakout session -

“How to create 1 month of Instagram content that converts in 1 hour” 

10:00am-10:15am – Break/Networking

10:15am – 11:15am – Bev StandingGeneral Session - "Find your Inspiration! Bring your past into your booth!

11:15am-12:45pm – Dian PerryBreakout Session - 

 “Deep Narration Skills—Creating Performances from the Inside Out” 

What goes on inside a great narrator to make them great? What happens in their mind, body and voice, and how do they juggle it all? How do they infuse a read with authority, empathy, or drama? How do they prepare, stay focused and manage nervous energy? This session will point you to the answers to these questions and help you create and deliver more intuitive voiceover performances. 


Long-form narration can be an almost meditative experience if you can learn to clear your mental clutter, stay connected to yourself and your listener, and keep your focus on expression rather than the words and what your analytical mind says you should do with them.

12:45pm-1:45pm – Lunch Break

1:45pm – 3:15pm – Sean PrattBreakout Session - 

“The 4 Voices of Non-Fiction”

This 90 minute breakout session will be offered in two tiers. Tier 1 will be limited to 5 attendees who will get to perform and get direct, immediate feedback from Sean. Tier 2 will be available as an audit style – meaning that the fee is less and you won’t have the opportunity to perform. This session is geared towards voice actors that are at an intermediate to advanced level. Beginners to intermediate should choose the audit option.

1:45pm – 2:45pm – Carol MondaGeneral Session - 

Text Analysis and Oral Interpretation

The text is our gospel. And we get to preach. But before we do, it may help to consider how to mark for pace, flow, breaths and shifts. We’ll review methods of mapping our scripts to optimize their intended meaning and our most effective delivery.

3:15pm – 6:15pm – Elley Ray Breakout Session - 


You want to be the Top of your game, to swell and grow your potential opportunities and Flourish in this incredible genre of storytelling. This three hour sessions will give participants hands-on tricks, exercises, and secrets that are never shared about how to Blossom and be the Fat Cats! How to Win the audition and continue to emerge victorious. We need to grow our authenticity and ability to rise higher, stand taller and be remembered for rising above the crowd.

Revisiting the audience and listening to the questions that they are constantly asking will remind the Voicers, it is all intimate, response-driven dialogue, with discovery and opinion. There are no monologues, only dialogues with an unseen wonder called humanity! NO READING OR STATING WORDS REQUIRED. Truly, no one knows how to eliminate the announcer and share intimate responses. We will unearth Unique exercises to break down boundaries and PLAY the game rather than standing on the sidelines dreaming of what it is that others do. Script development in any chosen genre, will be auditioned, developed and participants will discover the infinite possibilities that make us brilliant. Growing your toolkit, your confidence and your craft will make you BIGGER, BETTER, BEST and you will THRIVE in VOICEOVER!

3:15pm – 4:15pm – Melody Jones – General Session - Commercials. A to Z:

Commercials, from A to Z encompasses the understanding of the Radio vs TV spots and all the technical and creative issues to make your copy ROCK!  How do you Analyze copy?  What do you need to know?  Creating a Character within the copy that brings the copy to "Life".  How to read Announcer copy without sounding like an ANNOUNCER!!  Development of the Character, so that the copy doesn't fall flat.  How do you read a "FLAT read"?  Understanding the Tone of the copy and how to reach your audience.  What is the Angle of your character in the copy?  Tips and Tricks to say tongue tangling words, Understanding Rhythm in copy and how to make it conversational when it is written as lists, or technical terms, or non-ending commas,,,,,, that make it an on-going, never ending sentence.   Developing different attitudes to make the tone of your copy work.  Microphone technique that enhances your read. Acting!  Acting!  Acting!  

4:15pm – 5:45pm – Debbie IrwinBreakout Session- 

“Medical Narration: Can Anybody Do It?”

Test your skills and knowledge of the industry to see if this specialized genre of voiceover fits your needs and wants. Do you like a challenge? Do you like to do homework? Do you like to use big fancy words that other people wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole? In this breakout session we will explore the myriad forms of medical narration, and after sharing a little bit about ourselves and our interest in this genre, we’ll practice copy and work together to find opportunities that align with each person’s true self.

4:15pm-5:45pm – Jamie Chambers – Breakout Session -

 Accents, Dialects and practical approaches with character studies - A hands on look at accents, character voices and how voice positioning can assist in developing characters.

5:45pm – 6:45pm – Dinner Break

6:45pm – 8:15pm – Robert Sciglimpaglia Breakout Session - 


This breakout session will be hands on, educational and a lot of fun.  You will be led through an entire voice over project from the very beginning from when it is posted, through the contractual and price negotiations, to the actual studio performance.  You will be given copy to submit an audition.  Each of you will record and submit your audition, and 1 male and 1 female will be awarded “winner” by vote of the attendees.  The auditions will be “ranked” by number of votes cast.  The only restriction on the voting is that you can’t vote for your own.  The “winner” will then negotiate their pay and contractual terms.  Once terms are set, an actual session will be recorded “live” with the “winners” with feedback from your producer/director, Robert Sciglimpaglia.  The floor will then be open for post session questions and comments by all attendees.  

8:15pm – 9:45pm Closing ceremony/prizes - **Attendees must be physically present on the Zoom call to be eligible to win a prize.**