Mini MAVO2020 Conference Info

Tentative Schedule

More details coming soon!!!

Friday, November 6, 2020

9am-10am - J.Michael Collins:  "Less is More: Mastering Commercial Delivery for the 2020s."

In this one hour masterclass, J. Michael will demonstrate the techniques that have helped him land dozens of national TV spots in one of VOs weirdest years, and have propelled his students to new heights in their careers. Learn why Less is More is the order of the day in most high-end commercial voiceover today, just how far that theory reaches, and how to execute the reads that agents, casting directors, managers and other buyers are looking for."

10:15-11:00am - Opening remarks - Val Kelly

11am-12pm "Creating Your Best Demo." J. Michael Collins (& other guests to be announced soon) 

 Featuring some of the industry's leading demo producers and audio engineers, and moderated by JMC, this panel will take a deep dive into bleeding edge demo production trends, how to make a reel that will get you noticed, signed, and booked, and how to avoid falling into scams and demo mill traps."

12-1:30 - Lunch Break

1:30-6:00pm - General and Breakout Sessions

6:00-7:30pm - Dinner Break

7:30-9:30pm - Social Event

Saturday, November 7, 2020

9am-12 General session

12-1:30pm - Lunch Break

1:30-5:30pm - Sessions

5:30-7 - Dinner break

7-9pm - Sessions

Sunday, November 8, 2020

9am-Noon - Sessions

12-1pm - Lunch break

1-3:30 - Sessions

3:30-5pm - Closing ceremony and prizes!! 

**We still have a lot of details to work out as far as which sessions will be offered when! But this is to give you a general ideal of the time table we're looking at so you can plan ahead a little bit! Something important to remember is that you must be present at the closing ceremony to win prizes - so try to plan for that!! More details coming SOON!!**

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