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Photos from the Mid-Atlantic Voiceover "Get Inspired" Conference 2018

(All photos courtesy of Photographer -Edward Liu)



I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for an awesome weekend. Not only were all the presenters stellar but I also learned so much from my fellow vo actors. 


It was interesting to find that I am further along than some I thought were more advanced than I was. It was a great confidence builder and certainly reflected your "Get Inspired" theme. The positive feedback I got from Jason and David;  when I went out of my comfort zone genre wise on the live workshops was so cool and something you can only get from a small scale conference like this. Also due the election etc. I have been very stressed out and Sunday Muse's presentation let me find some inner self and peace. It was awesome!!


Thanks again for everything, YOU ROCK


Steve G



Thank you so much for such an amazing conference.  So well put together, and so well run.  You might say it ran like clockwork.  Everything just moved right along; there didn’t seem to be any down-time.  (Maybe that’s why I’m so tired.  For that matter, you must be exhausted!)


I learned a lot, met a lot more people than last year and felt more at home… felt more like a veteran.  And, I must say that one of the highlights for me was the dinner Saturday night.  Being able to mix in with a really amazing bunch of people and chat and network with Herb and Leah and you was one of the most memorable aspects of the weekend.  It was a great opportunity to socialize and get to know people better.

Thanks again, Val, for putting this whole, huge endeavor together.  I hope you have the energy to do it all over again next year.  Same time, same place.


Hope to talk with you soon.


- Steve

Valerie, you get better each year!  Seemed like everyone thoroughly enjoyed from MAVO2016 and (more importantly) will be able to utilize what they learned to grow their VO business.  Nice job!


Hope you take a few days to relax after all you put into this.  No one knows how hard and how much time you put into these because your enthusiasm is amazing!  

 It is because of MAVO that me, and the other speakers, have the opportunity to help other voice actors.  Thank you again.

- David Goldberg
CEO (Chief Edge Officer)

 You did a fantastic job, Val! It was my pleasure to join your circle of acquaintances at MAVO2016. Just trying to figure out how I missed the group pic... :)

-Stuart Gauffi

"MAVO is the perfect micro-conference for those that want individualized attention and personal feedback. It's a great way to network without getting lost in the crowd."

- Sara Jane Sherman (MAVO2016 Keynote Speaker, MAVO2018 Guest Speaker)

MAVO offers you and your voice an entire world of possibilities for growth as a VO actor and finding work. It's ridiculously fun, inspiring and no matter where you're at, it will help you find your rightful place in this giant industry, which in my opinion, is huge. Val Kelly puts so much attention and love into these conferences. You will feel that from the day you arrive. 

- Sunday Muse (MAVO Keynote Speaker 2014, Guest Speaker, 2015, 2016, 2018)

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Keynote Kari Wahlgren